Blue Origin launches the New Shepard for the 14th time


Blue Origin, owned by Jeff Bezos, launched the New Shepard for the 14th time with the Mannequin Skywalker flying doll strapped inside the updated space capsule, where the life-size flying dummy sat in one of the six crew capsule seats to gauge the vehicle’s overall performance during the test flight that saw the arrival The missile reaches a height of 300 thousand feet above the surface.

According to the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, the missile was launched from the first launch site in West Texas at 12:18 pm ET, with a focus on testing new features in the capsule that include environmental features, crew display panels and communications systems.

The mission sent the capsule to the borders of space, which will receive tourists one day for $ 200,000 a seat, and is one of the last tests required before Blue Origin conducts its first mission.

The Bezos-owned company releases the fuel to launch the missile again within six weeks and a manned crew within “a few months.”

Blue Origin broke the rocket recycling record by launching the New Shepard 13 times, and with the last successful mission, it appears the company still holds the title.

Today’s mission, however, was not to bring satellites or other payloads into space, but rather Blue Origin was testing its own technologies in an upgraded crew capsule, which could carry a human in just a few months.

According to the sources, the 15th flight of the missile will focus on loading and unloading the crew, but they say it is also an ambitious flight.


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