BMW recalled more than 21 thousand cars in Russia


BMW recalled more than 21 thousand cars in Russia


BMW Rusland Trading, the official representative of German BMW in Russia, announced that it will recall 21,693 cars that were sold in Russia between November 2004 and December 2012.

The company stated that the move will include BMW 3 Series Sedan (E90), Touring (E91), Coupe (E92) and Cabrio (F93) cars.

She indicated that the reason for the withdrawal of these cars is due to the possible deterioration over time of the technical condition of the engine coolant fan plug wires, and this in turn could lead in rare cases to overheating and damage to the engine.

In very rare cases, it can lead to a fire in the car even if the engine is not running.

The company confirmed that all the towed cars will be examined to avoid these faults, remove them, and carry out all this at its expense.

Source: TASS


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