Boeing to Pay 2.5 Billion Dollars in Settlement to Close 737 Max File




The US Department of Justice announced that investigations into the two crashes of Boeing 737 Max planes had concluded that the company had paid $ 2.5 billion without pleading guilty to criminal charges.

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Yesterday, Thursday, the Ministry of Justice stated that the settlement includes a criminal fine of $ 243.6 million, compensation payments to customers of Boeing 737 Max planes worth $ 1.77 billion, and the creation of a $ 500 million fund for crash victims to compensate the heirs, relatives and beneficiaries. Legal.

The two accidents, which killed 346 people, led to the shutdown of this model of Boeing aircraft for 20 months in March 2019, and it did not resume its activities until November, after the company made major safety adjustments.

Boeing is still facing charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States, and the charge may be dropped if the largest US aircraft manufacturer complies with a delayed prosecution agreement.

The company admitted in court documents that two of its technical pilots had deceived the Federal Aviation Administration about a major safety system linked to the two fatal accidents called “MCAS”. The documents also stated that Boeing late cooperated with the investigation, but only after it initially “thwarted” the investigation.

Source: Reuters

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