Britain produces more electricity from renewable sources than from fossil fuels for the first time


New analysis shows that renewable energy sources outperformed fossil fuels to become the UK’s largest source of electricity for the first time in 2020, and wind, solar, bio-energy and hydropower combined produced a record 42% of UK energy last year. British “Daily Mail”, fossil fuels produced 41% of the total energy in the United Kingdom, according to the analysis conducted by Ember and Agora EnergyVende.

The results show that renewables have finally tipped the scale, in 2019 they produced 37% of UK electricity compared to 45% for fossil fuels.

Renewable energy sources also surpassed fossil fuels as the main source of electricity in the European Union in 2020, and Germany and Spain have reached the same tipping point.

The shift between fossil fuels and renewable energy came as demand fell last year in the face of Corona lockdowns, which occurred against the backdrop of long-term declines in electricity use.

“The analysis by Ember reveals that a major milestone has been reached in 2020 in the United Kingdom, with renewables surpassing fossil fuels as the main source of electricity,” the company said in a statement.

“With coal power already near zero, fossil gas was forced to its lowest level in five years in 2020 due to growth in wind power and below average demand due to Covid-19,” the company added.


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