British scientists warn: this substance “shortens life”


British scientists have called red meat and its products a “shortening of life product”, stressing that it increases the risk of death when consumed in abundance, especially in men, according to the “Russia Today” website.

According to research published by the British newspaper “Express”, “Eating red meat, especially bacon and sausages, increases the risk of death in men, and also increases the risk of chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease.”

Experts advise men to replace meat with beans, nuts and soybeans.

While the doctor of health sciences, Yuri Sivolab, referred to the “fatal danger of consuming heavy doses of alcohol for long periods of time.”

He also pointed out that «the abuse of a large amount of alcohol, especially on the New Year holidays, has a very unfortunate effect on the condition of the pancreas, and can lead to acute pancreatitis, which is a fatal condition».

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