Citing Quranic verses … an archaeological expert responds to the fatwa prohibiting displaying mummies


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In response to the fatwa issued by Dr. Ahmed Karima, Professor of Comparative Jurisprudence at Al-Azhar University, in which it was forbidden to extract the bodies of our pharaohs’ ancestors and display them in billboards in exchange for dollars from visitors to them, while it is permissible to exhume the bodies only for scientific research; Archeology expert Dr. Abdul Rahim Rayhan, Director General of Archaeological Research, Studies and Scientific Publishing in South Sinai at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, said that Islam called for a return to antiquities and looking at them for consideration and sermon.

He added, “Islam saw in previous artifacts the tangible material evidence of the existence of other people to learn about their lives and civilization and study the causes of their prosperity or destruction, and the loss of these monuments in any way is a loss and loss of a certain civilization, and called Islam to return to it and look at it for consideration and preaching.”

“Rihan” explained that the noble verse No. 45 in Surat Al-Hajj, “as it is from the previous village of the people of our inhabitants, which is unjust, affirms the importance of the former civilizations, and the importance of these ruins of the past.” Associated with people who used them and their loss, the well lost its importance, its water depleted and became disrupted. As for the built palace, it is every building constructed of any material, whether of stone or brick, and it means all the previous effects.

A new archaeological discovery in Saqqara area includes 95 coffins, dozens of mummies, and a bronze statue inside 3 wells – Archive Image

He noted that the remains of the human race fall within the antiquities according to the concept of antiquities as stated in the definition contained in the Egyptian Antiquities Protection Law No. 117 of 1983 and amended by Law No. 3 of 2010 and amended by Law No. 91 of 2018 “The antiquity is every property or movable produced by different civilizations or created by the arts. Science, literature and religions since prehistoric times and through successive historical eras until a hundred years ago when it was found on the land of Egypt and had an archaeological or historical value or significance as a manifestation of the various civilizations that were produced or established on the land of Egypt or had a historical connection to it as well as The remains of human dynasties and their contemporary beings »

“Rayhan” also explained that verse No. 92 in Surat Yunus, “So today we deliver you with your body so that it will be a verse for those behind you, and that many people have descended from the eight of our bodies. All to be a lesson for those who succeeded him until the Day of Resurrection, and what is meant by those who succeeded him at the time of the event are the children of Israel to believe in the miracle and those who are behind him from the kings of ancient Egypt to learn from what happened to him and all of the people behind him that is intended in the noble verse:

Rayhan asked: “How can he be a sermon to people after him, since people did not see him? The ancient Egyptians took his body and mummified it according to the Egyptian belief, resurrection and eternity, and it was found in archaeological discoveries. He concluded that this person should be seen by people and this is reflected in the rest of the mummies, so there is no objection to displaying them, especially since there is no archaeological evidence so far about the character of the Exodus Pharaoh.


“Rihan” pointed out that the mummification of the corpses changes the characteristics of the corpses themselves, and even linguistically, their name changes to a mummy, and if exposed to the factors of erosion, it will immediately decompose. Human behavior, the diseases they were exposed to, the means of treatment, and a lot of information about this civilization, and therefore the extraction of mummies and their display is subject to supervision and scientific studies, which was authorized by Dr. Ahmed Karima, and the goal is not to reap dollars so that this type of tourism is called cultural tourism to learn about peoples’ civilizations and not Such as entertainment and the interior to the mummies’ room is completely silent in respect of this place and it is natural for the visitor to pay for this service.

He explained that these people travel thousands of kilometers to get to know our great civilization and not to watch acrobats, and the Islamic religion called for a walk in the universe to get acquainted with the previous civilizations, which is what Arabs and Muslims should also be keen on according to Surah Ghafir 21 verse: “Do they walk on the earth and see what it is. Those who were before them They were stronger and more powerful than them on the earth. So God took them from their sins, and they were not.

Rayhan emphasized that scholars have a great standing and a lot, and we appreciate Dr. Ahmed Karima as a virtuous scientist.

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