Combating addiction: a decrease in abuse by workers in the state’s administrative apparatus from 8% to 1.8%


Dr. Amr Othman, director of the Addiction and Abuse Treatment and Control Fund, said that schools are suddenly discharged and school bus drivers are examined, as more than 8,000 drivers were examined, including 170 drivers who used drugs, indicating that in 2015 the rate of abuse was 12% There is less than 2% among school bus drivers.He explained, during a phone call to the “ninth” program, via Channel 1, with the media figure Yusuf al-Husseini, that highway drivers are being examined, and there are intensive campaigns to check bus drivers, as well as workers in the state’s administrative apparatus, pointing to the examination of 300,000 employees and the percentage was High, at about 8%, and now it is 1.8% as deterrent measures are taken.

He stated that the focus is not on detection only, as there is the hot number 16023 that provides services for free with complete confidentiality, explaining that there are 132,000 addiction patients who applied for treatment and received free treatment with complete confidentiality, stressing that detection campaigns have a deterrent, and that those who voluntarily apply for treatment do not fall under The length of the law.

He pointed out that hashish is the number 1 drug in abuse, with more than 50%, followed by tramadol, then Strox, which was 23%, and currently the percentage decreased to 13%, explaining that every day, nearly two to three thousand employees are examined inside the device. The state administration, and the focus is on the vital facilities that affect the lives of citizens, and there is a generalization of the next period, and more than 30 thousand drivers were detected on highways.


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