Corona threatens Premier League with “the weakest hero” in its history


The impact is perhaps the largest in football history, the one left and still caused by the outbreak of the new Corona virus, which confused the Premier League schedule during the past and current seasons.

The delay in the launch of the 2020/2021 season in the “Premier League” caused great pressure for the current season’s matches locally and continually, which returned with many negative results on the major teams, most notably the resounding fall of the defending champions Liverpool, with seven clean in front of Aston Villa, and the bitter loss of Manchester United by six goals. Against a goal against Tottenham Hotspur.

The leading centers in the English Premier League have witnessed the game of “musical chairs” so far, due to the repeated stumbling of all adults without exception, which led Liverpool to lead the competition table with only 33 points, after 17 rounds.

Although Liverpool led by goal difference against Manchester United, its closest chasers at the top of the Premier League table, the latter has the best rate to score so far, as it collected 33 points in 16 matches, and has a postponed match, at a rate of 2.06 points / match.

The best points rate among the Premier League teams in the current season predicts the possibility of a team crowning the title with the lowest number of points throughout the history of the competition, which means recording a new negative number due to the impact of the Corona crisis.

The continuation of Manchester United at the same rate, crowning the title, or crowning another team at a rate of no more than that number, means that the Premier League leader reaped 78 points at the end of the season, after playing 38 games, which is the second lowest number of points for a champion in Premier League history.

Arsenal won the Premier League title in the 1997/98 season with 78 points, and none of the champions scored fewer points during an entire season than Manchester United, who was crowned champion in the 1996/1997 season with 75 points.

The decline in the score rates of the teams competing for the Premier League title during the next stage, which does not seem far off, in light of more pressure for the remaining matches, and the continuation of these teams’ competitions in continental competitions, means great possibilities to crown a team with the lowest number of points in the history of the English Premier League Excellent.


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