Corona vaccine injection method … a doctor warns of a “dangerous matter”


But an American doctor saw something strange during these vaccine injections.

The neurologist in New York City, Tom Bates, according to what was reported by American media, that he noticed that a number of medical personnel did not inject the vaccine properly, indicating that some cases formed a strong pressure on the skin, at the time the vaccine needle entered Human body.

He added that this matter may lead to the end of the vaccine in the fat layer underneath the skin, Instead of passing it to its rightful place, which is Muscles.

The most dangerous story, according to Betts, is that the vaccine will not be effective, and all efforts that have been made to reach this point will be lost.

The American doctor said: “The most difficult matter was getting the vaccine, but injecting it into the muscles did not have to be difficult.”

Bates has been sounding the alarm about the dangers involved in this injection method, as he continues to post alerts to groups of doctors on social networks.

Bates drew the methods, which she said were correct, of injecting people with the Corona vaccine, and launched a hashtag on “Twitter” with the title “Do not squeeze my arm.”

The American doctor said: “I am so excited that we got it (the vaccine), and I hate to see people who do not have the opportunity to get it, but giving people a false sense of security after they are vaccinated is worse.”

He added that despite the distribution of millions of doses of vaccines around the world, a small percentage of injected incorrectly, may lead to a significant increase in infections.

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