Corona vaccine … The son of the developer of the “most popular vaccine” reveals the truth


For this reason, respected scientists and researchers take the initiative to reassure people and dispel their fears, and among these is the son of the scientist who developed the historical vaccine against poliomyelitis It contributed to protecting the lives of millions of people.

A vaccine against polio was developed by the scientist, Jonas Salk, and it was used for the first time in 1955, and this step constituted a great medical achievement for humanity.

More recently, Dr Daryl Salk, who is 73, the son of a developer, took the initiative The vaccineTo take the emerging coronavirus vaccine.

The retired doctor and a specialist in genetics said that the lines of vaccination against Corona reminded him of the situation sixty years ago in Seattle (Washington state).

He added that he remembered when he was standing in line at the school next to his classmates, waiting to take a dose of the polio vaccine, which was developed by his father.

This retired doctor was keen not to use his father’s name, but he is making use of him today in order to educate people about the demand for vaccinations, given that it is the only possible solution to restore life to normal.

Daryl Salk said, in a press statement, that he decided to make taking the vaccine public because he hoped that this step would lead to change and motivate people.

He added that he came out of the shadow circle that he composed, in order to urge people to take the anti-vaccination For the emerging corona virus Which appeared in China, late last year, and then turned into a global pandemic.

Salik took the first dose of the Corona vaccine, because he suffers from several health disorders, saying that he is one of the people most vulnerable to complications, if infected.

Salik views the Corona vaccine as a scientific achievement, especially since he spent many years studying the development of vaccines and the best ways to manufacture and transfer them.

He added that developing a vaccine against the Coronavirus in less than a year is amazing, because it took more than seven years to develop a vaccine against polio.

And the son of the American scientist mentioned, “The risks of infection with Covid 19 disease are much higher than the risks associated with the Corona virus vaccine.”

Then he added emphatically, “The choice seems easy to me, because I do not want to sacrifice my life, nor the life of someone I love.”

As for people who are skeptical about vaccines, Dr. Salik addresses them, saying, “These vaccines are safe and effective, and they are what will help us to bring the epidemic under control.” Then he added, “You should seize the opportunity and take the vaccine so that you are part of the solution.”

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