Corona vaccines and new strains … “optimistic” scientific comments


And on Monday, estimates spread that the newly developed anti-Corona vaccines may not be effective against a new strain of the virus, which was first detected in South Africa.

The British newspaper “The Guardian” quoted British scientists as saying that they do not see a reason for panic, despite the statement of the British Minister of Health. Matt Hancock, That the strain discovered in South Africa is alarming.

Last December, the announcement of a new strain of Corona came in South AfricaAfter a few days, a similar strain was discovered Britain.

The new genetic analysis shows that the new strain shares some commonalities with the type prevalent in Britain, but it is developing separately.

Reports stated that the South African strain is more contagious than its predecessors, and may infect young people, and it may be more resistant to vaccines than the current versions of the epidemic.

But those reports were not supported by conclusive evidence.

Scientists said that the occurrence of mutations in viruses is normal, but they are highly likely that vaccines remain effective in protecting people from the epidemic.

However, they maintain that they are closely monitoring developments in South Africa.

“There is a need for a balance between warning people about something that may be important and creating a state of panic, which I think is happening now,” said Ravi Gupta, professor of microbiology at the University of Cambridge.

He added that the monitoring and control measures need to be strengthened, as “it is possible that the strain found in South Africa is similar to that found in Britain, and it may have spread to other countries.”

But he stressed that “no one should assume that vaccines are weak.”

He stressed, “I think the vaccines will still be effective” with the new strains.

In the same context, John Bell, one of the supervisors of the British “Oxford AstraZenica” vaccine, said he was not concerned about the effectiveness of the vaccine in facing the new strain that is spreading in Britain.

But he added that he “does not know anything” about the strain found in South Africa, and the effectiveness of the vaccine against it.

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