Coronavirus infected 25 Palestinian detainees in an Israeli prison and demanded the introduction of the vaccine


25 Palestinian detainees injured in Esr prison ...

The Palestinian Prisoners Club and the Israeli Prison Authority announced that 25 Palestinian detainees in the Negev Desert Prison were infected with the Coronavirus. Kaddoura Fares, president of the Asir Club, said:

Palestinian Prisoners Club and interest announced Israeli prisons 25 of the Palestinian detainees in the Negev Desert Prison were infected with the Coronavirus.

Today, Sunday, Kaddoura Fares, president of the prisoner club, said, “What we have information so far is that there are 25 wounded among the prisoners in Section 3, which includes about seventy prisoners.”

“The number of prisoners in the Negev prison is about 1,200, and we are monitoring with great concern their health conditions in light of the spread of the Corona virus in their ranks, as there are a number of patients and the elderly among them,” he added in a phone call to Reuters.

Fares called on “the Israeli occupation to give the vaccine against Corona to the prisoners, especially the sick and elderly among them.”

A statement from the Israeli Prison Authority spokesperson’s office said, “During examinations conducted in the last 24 hours in Ketziot Prison (the desert Negev)… 25 prisoners were confirmed infected with the Coronavirus from inmates of the same section, and all of them did not show any symptoms and are in good condition.”

The statement issued last night stated that “the prisoners were transferred to quarantine in accordance with the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health. Samples were taken from all prisoners in the section, and samples were taken from all prison inmates later. ”

“Until the end of the checks, the number of admissions to the prison will be reduced,” the statement added.

Palestinian Health Minister Mai al-Keela said that “all of our prisoners (in Israeli prisons) are at great risk of contracting the virus, which puts their lives in danger, especially the sick prisoners who are 700 prisoners.”

In a press statement today, Sunday, Al-Keela demanded, “the international community must pressure the occupation to urgently release the sick and elderly prisoners, and the need for a neutral medical committee to oversee the results of the prisoners samples and their health conditions. ”

Palestinian statistics indicate that the number of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons reaches about 4,400.

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