Cyrine Abdel Nour and Muhannad Al Hamdi discover the character of the fifth episode of The Masked Singer | news


Actress Cyrine Abdel Nour and artist Muhannad Al-Hamdi succeeded in discovering the “unicorn” character in the fifth episode of The Masked Singer.

At the beginning of the episode, “The Unicorn” appeared and gave a performance. Muhannad and Serene agreed that she was the Bahraini actress Sheila Sabt, while Hassan Al-Raddad and Qusay Khouli said that she is the Kuwaiti actress and broadcaster, Amal Al-Awadi.

With the end of the episode, the “Unicorn” got the lowest vote of the audience, to reveal its face at the end and it turned out to be a Sheila Sabbath.

Muhannad al-Hamdi and Serene Abdel Nour expressed their happiness at their recent success in the speculation.

The competing stars come from different parts of the Arab world, and they belong to several fields and the four investigators who monitor and listen to the identity of the contestants by building them on evidence, information, movements, details and reports related to the personality of each star.

At this time, the public will participate from the house by the team of four investigators (Hassan Al-Raddad – Qusay Khouli – Sirin Abdel Nour – Muhannad Al-Hamdi) in uncovering the hidden and knowing the identity of the stars, and the investigators will cooperate with the audience in the studio by voting to exclude one participant and reveal his identity at the end of each episode of The program presented by Annabella Hilal.

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