Details of interest rates on saving certificates in Banque Misr after reducing them


11:36 AM

Sunday 10 January 2021

I wrote – Manal Al-Masry:

The interest on saving certificates offered by Banque Misr decreased with the beginning of the year 2021, after its decision to reduce the interest by 1% before the end of last month.

Banque Misr offers 4 types of fixed-return savings certificates with different periods and periodicals that differ from one certificate to another.

The bank allows the customer to break any type of certificate, provided that 6 months have passed since its binding.

Masrawy presents the interest details on all types of fixed-return savings certificates in Banque Misr and the periodicity of the return exchange as follows:

Top Certificate 3 years: 11% interest paid monthly.

5-year certificate: 9% interest per annum for the monthly return.

5-year certificate: The interest rate is 9.5% annually, paid annually.

7-year certificate: the interest rate is 9.75% annually, and the interest shall be paid monthly.

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