Details of the last days in the life of Hadi Al-Jarir | Video


Mushaira Hadi Al-Jayar, the daughter of the late artist Hadi Al-Jayar, spoke about the last days in the life of her father, who left our world on January 10, succumbing to his infection with Corona.

Mushera, who was his guest and sister Basant on the “evening dmc” program with the media, Rami Radwan, said that her father was suffering from pneumonia a year ago and after months of illness, he regained his health until he began filming his new series, but a week before his death he began suffering from a cold Simple and trouble breathing again.

She continued her story, that her father was afraid to go to the hospital and asked them to wait until he was sure if Corona would go to the hospital, and if it was a normal cold he would complete his treatment at home, but she was able to convince him, and he went to the hospital.

Her sister continued with a cent, explaining that after going to the hospital 4 days after he had gone to the hospital, he had tests and they were told that it was Corona, but they all did not think about that and thought that it was a pneumonia like the one he had before, especially since he did not show any symptoms and that she was always next to him and gave him medicine and did not transfer Her disease.

And she remembered the last day when she saw her father, and she said that she went to him in the hospital and prevented her from visiting him, and on this day the doctor told him that he was sick with Corona, and he lost his nerve and asked them to bring his daughter, and while she was sitting with him, one of the directors called him and offered him a job, but he apologized, and told her that he only wanted To participate in the series “The Choice” and then retire.


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