Does deodorant cause cancer? … Learn the most common health myths


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Many people follow a number of health information as established facts, except what is far from correct and can be included under the item myths, here is the most prominent of that information.

Do eggs hurt your heart?

Eating one egg a day does not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease – which can lead to a heart attack – for people with normal cholesterol. This may be because eggs have other heart-protecting properties other than cholesterol. It may also be because eating cholesterol is poorly linked to raising blood cholesterol. Whatever the reason, an egg habit probably won’t hurt your heart.

Deodorants cause cancer or Alzheimer’s

For more than 40 years, alarm bells have been ringing in the health world regarding antiperspirants and dementia. Researchers found higher levels of aluminum in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. There have been concerns that aluminum, which temporarily blocks your sweat ducts, might increase the risk of neurological problems. But over time no evidence has emerged to support this. Instead, Alzheimer’s disease appears to constrict your brain, leaving behind a higher concentration of aluminum. And it seems that the aluminum in the antiperspirant doesn’t get absorbed into your skin. In other words, it appears that aluminum in the brain is a product of Alzheimer’s disease, not a cause, and antiperspirants likely do not increase the risk of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.

It wasn’t well understood science that started the Alzheimer’s dread, but an email chain was responsible for convincing so many women in the 1990s that their antiperspirants increased their risk of breast cancer. The email erroneously claims that the antiperspirant is locking harmful chemicals inside your body. It turns out that all underarm deodorants are sweat and body salt – urine and faeces remove the most harmful chemicals. This medical myth is not true – the American Cancer Society says there is no link between antiperspirants and breast cancer.

Cold air causes colds

Why are colds and flu so common in winter then? It is true that there is a “cold season” and a “flu season” that lasts from October to May. but why? One theory says that cold weather forces people indoors as cold and flu viruses spread more easily in an enclosed space where people congregate together, and if you go outside in cold weather, with or without wet clothes or hair, you won’t run the risk of catching a cold. Colds come from viruses, and viruses can spread regardless of the weather.

Does sugar make babies more excessive?

When parents were asked to add or remove sugar from their child’s meals, these parents believed they saw their children’s behavior change. They reported links between sugar and hyperactivity. It may be due to a popular diet in the early 1970s called the Feingold Diet, which called for parents to eliminate sugar and other food additives to help calm their babies. This diet has been discredited, but many parents now expect restless babies after feeding them sugar. When the researchers were the ones observing, they couldn’t find any difference between the children who had diabetes and the children who had no diabetes.

In one study, children who were assumed to be sensitive to sugar were chosen, along with normal children. The researchers gave the children a sugar and two sugar substitutes to see how these different chemicals changed their behavior. What they found is that there were no significant differences between any of the children. This seems to put an end to this myth, but the idea that sugar causes hyperactivity remains.


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