Does the dream of facing Neymar end the professional crisis of Mustafa Mohamed?


At the moment, there is no voice inside the Zamalek club, above the professional crisis of Mustafa Mohamed, the striker of the team, after the player asked to leave during the Mercato winter and move to the French club Saint-Etienne, which requested his formal inclusion.

Confronting Paris is the secret of Mustafa Mohamed’s desire to leave

Mustafa Mohamed wanted to resolve his transfer to Saint-Etienne, France as soon as possible, specifically before January 6, due to his desire to participate with the French team in its match against Paris Saint-Germain on the same day in the 18th week of the French League confrontations based on a promise from Saint-Etienne officials that He will be part of the starting line-up against Brazilian Neymar and his companions, and the dream of facing Neymar was one of Mustafa Mohamed’s most important motives to stick to leaving the French League as soon as possible.

Zamalek refuses to move Mostafa Mohamed to Saint-Etienne at the present timeAnd adheres to his continuation until the end of the season, and despite the arrival of a material offer of 4 million euros to obtain the services of the young striker, White Castle officials cling to his continuation, rejecting all attempts to leave.

Neymar is a dream postponed to the Zamalek striker

With Mustafa Mohamed mentioned to Zamalek officials his desire to speed up his move to Saint-Etienne before his match against Paris Saint-Germain, and some believe that his failure to join this match may end his professional crisis, even temporarily and contribute to persuading the player to continue until the end of the season, even though Mustafa Mohamed is still sticking To leave until this moment, although it was confirmed that he could not participate in the Paris match scheduled for next Wednesday, due to the impossibility of completing his transfer procedures in a few hours, as well as the difficulty of his travel and his enrollment in Saint-Etienne’s training before facing Saint Germain.


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