Echo Country: The gold price today is Sunday 17-1-2021


Stabilized aPrices of gold In Egypt, at the beginning of today’s trading, Sunday 17-1-2021, after yesterday’s divergence, yesterday, Saturday, it slightly exceeded the one pound barrier at the goldsmiths.
The price per gram is from Caliber 24 The highest category in gold bullets is about 917 pounds.

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The price per gram is recorded from Caliber 21 The most common spread is for gold bullets of about 802 pounds.

While the price of one gram of the middle 18 carat in the gold market reached 687 pounds.

The price of one gram of the minimum 14 carat category was about 535 pounds.

While the price of the pound of gold was about 6416 pounds, an ounce of gold was 28.51 thousand pounds, and a kilo of gold was about 916.6 thousand pounds.

And the price of gold in Egypt in terms of workmanship, and it differs from one goldsmith’s shop to another, as it concerns all those who are about to marry, and the average price of workmanship and stamp in goldsmiths ‘shops ranges between 30 and 65 pounds depending on the type of gold caliber, as well as the different goldsmiths’ shops and from one governorate to another and from one dealer to another. It usually represents a percentage ranging between 7 and 10% of the price of a gram of gold, and the greater the percentage of metals present, the less the carat. The ounce that weighs “31.1 grams” is used as a unit for the weight of jewelery and gold bars.

“Sada Al Balad” is keen to provide a special service for knowing the gold prices today, especially the price of a gram of 21 carat gold in Egypt today, especially from young men and women who are about to get married and who follow the gold prices on an ongoing and daily basis.


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