Ethiopia comments on Sudan’s concerns about the safety of the Renaissance Dam


6:48 PM

Sunday 10 January 2021


On Sunday evening, Ethiopia announced its readiness to meet Sudan’s concerns about the safety of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Al Arabiya reported.

The six-day meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Irrigation of the countries of the Renaissance Dam crisis failed to achieve any progress due to disagreements on how to resume negotiations and the procedural aspects related to managing the negotiation process.

Sudan adheres to the necessity of mandating the experts appointed by the African Union Commission to propose solutions to the controversial issues and crystallize the Renaissance Dam agreement, a proposal that Egypt and Ethiopia have reservations about, confirming the ownership of the three countries for the negotiation process and to preserve their right to formulate the provisions and provisions of the agreement to fill and operate the Renaissance Dam Especially since the African Union experts are not specialists in the technical and engineering fields related to water resources management and dam operation.

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