Extreme cold and dense slump … The meteorology reveals the details of Friday’s weather


05:00 AM

Friday 01 January 2021

The Meteorological Authority announced the weather details during (Friday – Saturday).


Meteorologists expect that moderate weather will prevail in Cairo, Lower Egypt and the northern coasts on Friday, warm in South Sinai and southern Upper Egypt, tilted to warmth in northern Upper Egypt, with moderate winds.

It is expected that very cold weather will prevail at night in Cairo, Lower Egypt, South Sinai, North and South Upper Egypt, and cold on the northern coasts.

The country is witnessing a dense waterfall in the morning, sometimes reaching fog on some agricultural and highways, close to the water bodies leading to and from Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coasts, central Sinai and northern Upper Egypt, and light rains (about 20%) on areas of the northwestern coast at intermittent periods.


The authority also expected that the weather on Saturday would be moderate in Cairo, Lower Egypt and the northern coasts, warm in South Sinai, North and South Upper Egypt, and that it would be cold to very cold at night.

Temperatures are recorded on Cairo and Lower Egypt 12-20, northern coasts 19-13, South Sinai 15-24, northern Upper Egypt 10-21, southern Upper Egypt 11-24.

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