Fattouh: Carteron left Zamalek because of the players’ entitlements and made the decision after the summit


Hazem Fattouh, the French agent, Patrice Carteron, revealed the details of the French coach’s departure from Zamalek, and the real reasons that prompted the coach not to stay with the White Castle.

Hazem Fattouh said, during his interview with the journalist Ibrahim Fayeq on the “Jamhour Al Thala” program broadcast on Ontime Sport 2: “Carteron was thinking about leaving Zamalek 17 days before the white team announced the termination of the contract, because of the problems that the players were suffering from in that. Time is overdue. “

Hazem Fattouh added: “Carteron is one of the coaches who loves his name and success, and he is very prejudiced to continue his career with Zamalek, but the problems are increasing and the players’ complaints are continuing, and a big problem occurred after the African Super Final between Zamalek and Al-Tarji, because Zamalek players did not get their dues, and there is no justice between The players, which raised the ire of the players. He asked Amir Mortada to settle this crisis or that he would leave the team. “

He continued: Carteron’s departure from Zamalek is not “treason” as some have said. Because he told the board of directors of his departure, but he made the decision to leave after the Al-Ahly match; The lack of solutions to the problems, and he began preparing his contracts to know what he has and what he owes.

He added, “I asked lawyer Mohamed Al-Rajbani, a Tunisian friend, to draft a draft of Carteron’s resignation with Zamalek, and the penalty clause was in his contract $ 170,000, and Carton had financial dues for Zamalek for a month and a half of $ 86,000.”

Fattouh said: “Carteron sent his resignation to Amir Mortada at two in the morning through the application of” WhatsApp “and withdrew the 48 thousand dollars from his personal account and went to the club to pay it in cash, and he did not have any offers at that time, and the offer of cooperation came through the Tunisian lawyer, after he offered us. Training of cooperation, hence the negotiation and contracting. “

He added: “The departure of Carteron was a great shock to Amir Mortada Mansour, and he was not allowed to meet the players, and his path of departure was not good and imagined and people saw it, and the president of Zamalek submitted a” blank “contract for the sake of Carteron’s survival, but he refused. Carteron replied that my departure from Zamalek is not financial. He used to get 85,000 dollars a month, net of taxes. “

He continued: Carteron was returning to France and he was boycotting a ticket, but the way Zamalek officials dealt with ending the contract with Carteron was insulting from the French’s point of view, and led to his delay on the plane, which led to the completion of negotiations with cooperation and travel to Saudi Arabia instead of France.


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