Fifi Abdo congratulates Christians on Christmas and sings “The teddy bear of treachery” … Video


The artist, Fifi Abdo, reassured her audience and followers through her various accounts on social media platforms and social media, about her health and crisis that she had recently experienced, and congratulated the nation’s partners from the Christian brothers on Christmas, where she appeared in a new video, saying: “I want him to be reassured by the public. I am fine, “while singing the song” Dabdouba Al-Takhina “.

Fifi commented on the video as well, saying: “Oh group, I am very decent … and far away from all my Christian sisters, every year and they are good, Lord.”

The star, Fifi Abdo, revealed a new video of her on her Instagram page to reassure her fans of her health, and also congratulated them on the occasion of the new fiscal year 2021, and Fifi Abdo indicated that she is fine, but she is taking nerve medications after she accidentally took an injection and touched a nerve.


Earlier, the actress Vivi Abdo, via her Instagram account, also shared a photo from her archive with action star Sylvester Stallone and international star Elizabeth Taylor, noting that she met him during her presence at the Cannes Film Festival while they were having dinner.

Superstar Fifi Abdo commented, saying: “My photo is with world star Sylvester Stallone and world star Elizabeth Taylor at dinner at Cannes Festival.“.


On the other hand, the artist Fifi Abdo said in a special statement to “The Seventh Day”: My health has improved, but it is still in a period of recovery, and I thank all of my great fans who used to ask me constantly.


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