FilGoal | News | A source with enough for the Joule: The date for the African Super Cup has not yet been set


A source in the African Union revealed “enough” to The fact that the 2021 African Super Cup will be scheduled before the 2020 date.

The date of the Champions League champion Al-Ahly and the Moroccan Confederation champion of the African Super Cup 2020 has not yet been officially decided.

A source in CAF stated to He said: “We have not yet decided the date of the Super African last season or the version of the new season.”

He explained, “No one knows when the edition of last season will be held so far. We are looking forward to fixing the date for the super match between Al-Ahly and RBK in the coming period.”

“All we know only is that the match will be held in Qatar, but there is nothing new about its date,” he stressed.

And he completed, “The date will be decided in coordination with the other matches of the African Champions League so that there is no conflict between them.”

The Moroccan newspaper Al-Mukhtab had previously indicated that the African Super Cup would be held in Doha on February 17th, while reports said that CAF had set next September as the date for the 2021 Super Cup.

Al-Ahly crowned the African Champions League after defeating Zamalek with two goals to one.

While the Borkan renaissance was crowned by the Confederation, after defeating Pyramids with a goal without response.


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