FilGoal | News | Ahmed Nagy: El-Shennawy is the best professional in Egypt .. And the method of El Hani Soliman reminds me of El Hadary


Ahmed Nagy, the coach of Smouhas goalkeepers, said that he considers Mohamed El-Shennawy, Al-Ahly goalkeeper, the best professional player in Egypt. He also indicated that Hani Soliman, the goalkeeper of his team, is ready to be with the Egyptian national team, and his method of training reminds him of Issam El-Hadary, the legend of Egyptian goalkeepers.

“I participated in the Club World Cup 4 times with Al-Ahly, and won the third place once,” Naji said on “Ontime Sports”, “a totally different atmosphere, joy, joy, internationalism and extraordinary interest.”

He answered a question, “What is the tournament that you felt Al-Ahly deserve to get a better position during it, but was not so lucky?”

He said: “The 2008 tournament, when we lost to Adelaide United 1-0 and from Pachuca 4-2 after extra time, we played well and produced good results but we were not lucky.”

Turning to talk about Mohamed El-Shenawi, saying: “El-Shenawi is the best professional in Egypt, in the Nations Cup, World Cup qualifiers, and others. All thanks to his coach Yankon, who kept what he was and added a lot to him.”

And he continued, “The player’s maintenance of his form for this period means that the coach is good.”

He talked about Hani Suleiman, the Haris of Smouha, saying: “As for Hani Suleiman, we are not angels, of course. There are some mistakes, but he is doing well. There is no concern in this position for Smouha.”

And he continued, “Hani Suleiman is ready to be with the Egyptian national team now, he is doing well, and his way of training reminds me of Issam El-Hadary. He has a strong hunger and commitment and always demands more.”

“I think the goalkeeper is very comfortable for any coach to train Egypt, and this is something that has not happened before,” he concluded.

Al Hani Suleiman joined Smouha from Al Ittihad of Alexandria in the summer of 2019, and his current contract extends until the summer of 2022.

The 36-year-old played with Smouha in 35 matches in all competitions, during which he met 34 goals and scored 11 clean sheets.


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