FilGoal | News | Aluminum explains the fact that Zamalek negotiated with “Benzema Upper Egypt”


The Aluminum Club explained the fact that Zamalek negotiated with Murad Sabri, nicknamed “Benzema Upper.”

Hussein Abdel-Latif, the technical director of Aluminum, told “I did not nominate Murad for Zamalek, yes, Zamalek is my home and Abdel Halim Ali Siddiqui, but what was published about my nomination for the player is not correct.”

He added, “I previously nominated Omar Gamal, a former Ismaili player, while he was in Al-Aluminum, for 200,000 pounds, but Zamalek refused the time of Kamal Darwish’s presidency.”

“I saw a talent in Omar Gamal, and I contracted with him from Samalout, then he moved to Zamalek from Ismaili later, for 5 million pounds,” he said.

The club’s managing director, Sayed Qassem, revealed, “Murad Sabry Maar from Telecom Egypt for the second time, and he is the top scorer of the Upper Egypt group with 6 goals.”

He stressed, “We have not received official offers from agents or Zamalek, but he is a distinguished player and an addition.”

Murad Sabri, 27, is the top scorer in the Upper Egypt group with 6 goals, and he previously played for Al-Waleedia, Al-Raja and Al-Masria Al-Etisalat.

And by asking Essam Salem, the official spokesman for Zamalek club, does Al-Abyadh want to include Murad Sabri, the Al-Aluminum striker? He said: “There has been such an issue, but there are no official reports. It may be one of the players who deserve the attention of Zamalek.” (See the details)


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