FilGoal | News | Aston Villa youth coach: I did not know about the match against Liverpool until Thursday … and the Klopp substitutions show what we have done


Aston Villa coach Mark Delaini, under-23, said that he did not know his team was going into the confrontation instead of the first team until yesterday, explaining that Jurgen Klopp’s substitutions in the second half showed that he was a team worthy of praise.

After the match, Delayne told British television, “I’ve never been so excited before.”

He continued, “I feel a great passion for our club, I played here and trained here for a long time, everything is in its right place.”

“We have some amazing people who work in the club and they know what everyone else is doing,” he added.

And he added, “Dean Smith spoke to me a lot and had many interventions, the same with John Terry and Richard O’Kelly, all of them strongly supported us.”

“They knew the challenge we were facing. The coach spoke well with the players before the match and wished them luck and enjoyment in the confrontation,” he added.

“I feel very proud of them and I think Smith’s religion will be so.”

He continued, “On Thursday I was preparing to train the team naturally, the under-23 team, and the coach called me and said that I might lead the team against Liverpool because of the current situation in the training center.”

“The word madness will be an accurate description of the situation,” he added.

“After the match, I went to shake hands with Juergen Klopp, after I learned deep down that he knew that we were a team worthy of praise,” he added.

“As I said, I see Thiago and the substitutes in the second half. This is a real praise for what we have done. He showed us a lot of respect by doing that, but I am not worried about what Jurgen Klopp thinks.”

Aston Villa had to play the meeting with his young team because the first team had an outbreak of the Covid 19 epidemic, and he had to go into isolation, including first-team coach Dean Smith.

4 players from the U-18 team participated in the Aston Villa formation that started the match and the rest were from the U-23 team.

Liverpool won 4-1 against Aston Villa in the third round of the FA Cup, and the first half ended in a 1-1 draw. (See match report)

The draw for the fourth round of the Federation Cup will take place after the end of the third on January 11, and the new round will be held from January 23.


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