FilGoal | News | Denmark begins the campaign to defend the title sweeping Bahrain


Denmark – Bahrain – Photo from the International Handball Federation account

The Denmark national team defeated Bahrain, 34-20, at the Cairo stadium hall, in the first round of Group D of the World Handball Championship Egypt 2021.

Denmark led the group directly by goal difference from second-placed Argentina, while Bahrain settled at the bottom of the group, with the Democratic Republic of Congo in third place.

Denmark is defending the title it won in the previous 2019 edition for the first time in its history.

On the other hand, Bahrain was unable to achieve a surprise, if it happened, it would have become a miracle, as it has historically only won one time in its participation in world championships.

The first half ended Denmark’s lead 19-10, before consolidating its precedence in the second half, which ended with a 14-goal difference.

Denmark’s Matthias Gidsel scored 10 goals in full.

Denmark will play its next match against the Democratic Republic of the Congo on Sunday, while Bahrain will face Argentina on the same day.


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