FilGoal | News | Deputy Chairman of the Zamalek Management Committee in Joule: We only received Saint-Etienne’s offer to Mustafa Mohamed


Hisham Ibrahim, deputy of the committee in charge of managing Zamalek affairs, stressed that his club would only pay attention to the official offers presented to any player for the team.

Hisham Ibrahim said “As a committee running the Zamalek club, we only deal with official offers that come to the club regarding any player.”

He added, “Otherwise, we will not listen at all to any other offer that appears on social media or websites.”

He continued, “Therefore, I want to make it clear that Zamalek does not have any official offer to join Mustafa Mohamed except from French club Saint-Etienne.”

He continued, “The committee in charge of managing the club’s affairs is still studying the offer well.”

Counselor Hisham Ibrahim emphasized, “We do not have any objection to Mustafa Mohamed’s professionalism, but with the value that befits the name of Zamalek Club and a player of the size and value of Mustafa Mohamed.”


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