FilGoal | News | Faraj Amer: An Emirati offer for Hussam Hassan .. I spoke with Salah Mohsen and Ahmed Rayan


Faraj Amer, president of Smouha Club, said that his team wants to include Salah Mohsen or Ahmed Yasser Rayan from Al-Ahly, and indicated that there are negotiations with an Emirati club to include Hossam Hassan, the striker of his team.

Amer began talking about the outbreak of the Covid 19 epidemic among his team’s ranks on MBC Egypt, saying: “There are Corona virus infections in Smouha Club, far from the 11 players infected with Corona virus, there are administrators and coaches infected.”

He continued, “Thank God, the Football Association understands our position and the most beautiful production club understands it. The club president contacted me and told me that the match does not matter. The important thing is to check on the team and the players, as well as the matter with the football manager.

On Wednesday, the Egyptian Football Association announced the postponement of the Smouha confrontation and Military Production until January 17 due to the presence of 11 cases of Corona virus among its ranks.

Amer touched upon his striker Hossam Hassan, saying: “Hossam Hassan is wanted everywhere, and this is his right.

And he continued, “There are 4 clubs wanting to include him, including an Emirati club, asking him on loan, and after that the situation turned into a final purchase, but I have to include an alternative.”

He continued, “Hossam Hassan is the best striker in Egypt. If he was within one of the top clubs, he would never have left the Egyptian national team. He will not continue for more than a year and after that he will be playing outside Egypt.”

The 27-year-old striker participated during the current season in 4 matches with Smouha, during which he scored two goals.

The Egyptian international played in 143 matches with the blue shirt of Alexandria, during which he scored 42 goals and scored 10 others.

When asked whether he would try to include Salah Mohsen, Marwan Mohsen, or Ahmed Rayan, he said: “The striker who leaves Al-Ahly will be our share, God willing.”

Will you replace him with Hussam Hassan? Amer replied: “The matter has nothing to do with Hossam, it does not help to exchange a player for a player, everything is independent of itself. Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Pyramids are equal, and I respect them all and respect their desires to buy the player if they exist, and the best material for tolerance and what the player wants will happen.”

And he added, “Salah Mohsen has a part in it. He played with us last season and is very humanly close to us, and we dealt with him and it was good.”

And he went on, “Ahmed Yasser Rayan? His father is my friend and I was the first person who requested a loan when he was young and he can say that with his father.”

He continued, “I wished to include Marwan Mohsen when he returned from Portugal to Egypt. I went to see the technical director about the matter, and after two hours he joined the Ismaili.”

“I watched him since he was in Petrojet, then Portugal, and he missed the scene, and upon his arrival in Egypt, I wanted to include him,” he said.

He continued, “The Super Trio, and I spoke with Salah Mohsen and Ahmed Yasser Rayan to discuss the possibility of joining them.”

He continued, “Marwan Mohsen, I think he will go to one of the Arab countries because he is an international player that the Saudi and UAE clubs will want to include.”

He continued, “But Smouha is not financially able to cover the Marwan Mohsen deal.”

He concluded, “Salah Mohsen is our son, yes, he is the son of Al-Ahly, but he is also our son, and Ahmed Yasser Rayan has a very good relationship with him, and we hope to include one of these two players.” learned earlier that Al-Ahly is seeking to loan one from Marawan Mohsen, Salah Mohsen or Ahmed Yasser Rayan. (See details)

Last season, Salah Mohsen played on loan to Smouha and participated in 15 matches, during which he scored 6 goals and scored two goals.


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