FilGoal | News | Gattuso: I don’t need anyone to trust me … and if I feel upset I will train in Kuwait


Napoli coach Gennaro Gattuso appeared upset by reports that he was about to leave coaching the Italian south side.

Italian reports indicated that Renault is close to sacking if he fails to overcome Spezias hurdle in the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup. (See the details)

Gattuso led Napoli to a 4-2 victory and reach the golden square, hours after the club president’s statement confirming his continuation and confidence in his presence at the head of the technical management of the Partenopi.

“I don’t need anyone to trust me, it bother me that people ask me if I am supposed to resign, but my other colleagues are not receiving the same treatment,” he told the Italian channel RAI.

“I quit coaching Milan because I realized that I would not do more, but I will not quit here. I am here doing my job. I worked for four years and this is my fourth season in the Italian Cup semi-finals. I would like to see how Inter will play without Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez for a month. “.

“The president spoke with the team and confirmed my presence, but I do not need this. I am doing my job, if it is not appreciated, I will not care.”

“We have reached the semi-finals of the Italian Cup, look where Real Sociedad and Alkmaar are. People deal as if we have not achieved anything by skipping the group stage of the European League.”

And he continued, “Nobody gave me anything, I am not depressed, but it is difficult to win in Naples, if I feel upset I will train in Kuwait or anywhere else.”

And he added, “I know that this is part of my job, but I will continue my mission as long as I have the opportunity, but what has happened recently is exaggerated.”

He concluded, “When I came, the first question I expected was, You are in your fourth year and for the fourth time in the Italian Cup semi-finals.”


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