FilGoal | News | Ghazal Mahalla decides to stop Ido Moses and Egyptor


Ghazal Mahalla announced that Edo Moses and Emmanuel Egypt would be suspended for two weeks or until they were presented to the Board of Directors, whichever is earlier.

Al Mahalla obligated both players to train separately.

The Mahalla statement clarified that the decision to suspend Moses was due to his objection to “financial matters settled by contract and bylaw.”

As for Egypt’s punishment, it came because of “infringing on players Mahmoud Salah and Ahmed Al-Sheikh in training.”

And Khaled Eid, the technical director of the locality, earlier denied to what was raised about the player in the team’s ranks is the brother of Edo Moses and not the player himself.

“It is a false and unacceptably ironic story for a large club the size of Mahalla yarn,” he added.

Khaled Eid admitted at the same time that there was a big crisis with the player after he was expelled from the team camp.

Eid revealed the crisis, saying: “Moses attacked his colleague Mahmoud Salah because of a dispute over the price of a sports shoe that the player had bought from Salah, but he refuses to pay the price even though he gets his dues as soon as possible.”

He concluded, “When Salah asked him to pay the price of the shoes, Moses refused and beat him, and when his colleagues intervened to break the engagement, he overlooked all of them and accused them of being against him because he was not Egyptian.”

The campaign ranks 14th in the league with six points after six matches.


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