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Roberto Garcia Barondo – coach of the handball team

Roberto Garcia Barondo expressed his pride in the players’ performance and the spirit that turned the big loss against Slovenia into a tie in the last seconds of the match and qualification for the quarter-finals.

Barondo stressed that Egypt qualifies for the quarter-finals and is among the top 8 teams, it is a big thing to have an African team next to top Europeans.

The Egyptian national team qualified for the quarter-finals after drawing Slovenia in the last second, to end the match with a score of 25-25, and the Pharaohs are waiting to determine their position, either in the second group and facing Denmark or leading and facing the second group and waiting for the qualifier from Qatar, Argentina and Croatia.

“What can I say? Just very happy and congratulations to the players. It was a very difficult match, but I am proud to turn the score,” Barondo said at the press conference.

“We qualified for the quarter-finals and this is a very big thing. I remind people that Slovenia is the fourth European Championship in its latest edition, and it is proud to reach this level of competition. Egypt is among the top 8 in the world, and this is wonderful.”

“The spirit of the players was great and we managed to win, and I confirm what I said before the match,” Barondo added. “The team presented a great tournament against difficult teams.”

“We don’t play in the Champions League, so players get used to that pressure and level.”

He concluded his remarks by talking about the next competitor: “We will do what we do in every match and study the team. We enter every match in order to win. I expect the team to focus and perform well.”

Egypt tied with Slovenia 25-25 in the final round of the main round of the World Handball Cup, to officially guarantee qualification to the quarter-finals of the tournament.

Egypt is waiting to determine its position in the group, according to the current Sweden and Russian Federation match, to know the next competitor.

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