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Ali Zain, the star of the Egyptian handball team, believes in the Pharaohs’ chances of qualifying for the quarter-finals despite the upcoming difficult confrontation with Denmark, the world champion.

Egypt will play Denmark at 6:30 pm today, Wednesday, as part of the 27th World Handmen Championship quarter-final matches.

Ali Zain said to After facing Slovenia: “Our goal before the tournament was to reach the maximum extent. We did not play friendly matches against major European teams before the tournament, so we did not determine our level between them.”

He continued, “During the tournament we performed very well and succeeded in being among the 8 best teams in the world, but we have greed to achieve more than that.”

The Egypt national team qualified after winning the second place in the main round with 7 points, one point behind leaders Sweden.

On facing Denmark, Zain said: “We believe in our capabilities and know the difficulty of the confrontation, but it is a 60-minute match. We will do our best and strive until the end to achieve a greater achievement.”

“Denmark is a world champion, and certainly a difficult match,” he stressed, “We do not want to think about facing Sweden now, and our victory over them would have given us the lead because we achieved what we want after the Swedish page was closed and we returned to positive results.”

The Egyptian national team star added, “We will focus on Denmark’s weaknesses, try to reduce the strengths, and we will do our best and die on the field.”

Comparing the matches between Sweden and Slovenia, he explained, “The most difficult match was definitely against Slovenia, because it was determining your position on the tournament. Either exit early or pass it off peacefully and qualify for the quarter-finals.”

Speaking of the public absence, he said: “Playing without fans is one of the most difficult situations in the tournament for us. I think their presence would have given us an additional boost and a stronger psychological factor, and the preference would be for us in any match.”

Ali Zain revealed, “I do not think that this will constitute pressure on the youth of the team, on the contrary, the presence of the masses was a strong support for us and the greater pressure will transfer to the competing teams, but the Corona pandemic is the reason for the absence of the fans on the stadium.”

“The current generation is very distinguished. It is difficult to find in every position two or more good players, and this is great for the team,” he added.

The current tournament is being held with the bubble system, which forces all participants not to move from the hotel except to go to the stadium on the tournament bus.

On this, Ali Zain said: “It is the best system for holding the championship on time. I thank the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Sports and the Federation for insisting on holding the championship on time.”

He continued, “I think we are the first country to hold a major tournament after the Corona pandemic and the bubble system was the biggest factor for the success of that. The great thing is that there are so many people with us just for the tournament.”

He concluded his remarks, “Whether workers in the hotel, the organizing committee, or volunteers, everyone left his home and continued for about a month, and this gives us a greater motivation to make them happy and not to leave here, unhappy with our level or feeling short of us.”


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