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Denmark qualified for the final of the World Handball Championship Egypt 2021, by defeating Spain, with a score of 35-33, in the hall of Cairo Stadium.

Denmark hit a purely Scandinavian date in the final of the tournament against its neighbor Sweden next Sunday at the Cairo stadium hall as well.

Denmark is seeking to preserve its only title, which it won in the last edition in 2019.

While European champion Spain lost the World Cup title after winning it twice in the past.

Denmark entered the match with great strength and succeeded in advancing Spain throughout the first half, ending it with a score of 18-16.

And at that moment, the people of Spain were in need of a miracle, as they had never left the first half, two goals behind Denmark, in any major tournament, and won at the end of the match.

In the second half, Denmark maintained its lead, but Spain tried and reduced the difference on more than one occasion, until it reached the difference of one goal a minute before the end of the match.

But Robin Marchan’s shot from Spain hit the crossbar and went down in front of the goal line very strangely half a minute before the end of the match.

The Denmark coach requests a time-out in the last 10 seconds, before his star, Mikel Hansen, kills the match with the 35th goal in the last second.

Hansen won the man of the match award after scoring 12 goals during the match.

Spain will play neighboring France on Sunday to determine the third-place winner.


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