FilGoal | News | “I made you famous” … a struggle between Neymar and the Marseille defender on Twitter after the coronation of Saint-Germain


The conflict between Neymar, the star of Paris Saint-Germain, and Alvaro Gonzalez, Marseille defender, continued after the end of the Super Cup match, as the social networking site Twitter witnessed a splash of pictures and words between the two.

Paris Saint-Germain faced Marseille in the French Super Cup and won 2-1 to be the first tournament of Mauricio Pochettino, the new coach of the team, and Neymar scored the winning goal from the penalty spot.

Neymar decided to provoke Alvaro after the match, and wrote a tweet back to Trend on the popular TikTok website.

Neymar wrote: “You are Alvaro, right?”

This sentence is used in a popular video that was mocked and spread over a period.

Gonzalez did not control himself, and decided to respond, so he posted a picture of the meeting as he interfered strongly with Neymar and said: “My family always taught me to take out the garbage from the house, always Marseille will be on his way.”

Neymar responded sarcastically: “I forgot how the titles are raised.”

Gonzales responded with a picture of Pele holding 3 World Cups, along with a message: “You will be forever in the shadow of King Pele.”

Neymar did not remain silent and continued to provoke Gonzales, saying: “And you will always remain in my shadow. I made you famous, you are welcome, O phenomenon.”

And the conflict between Neymar and Gonzalez returns after a match in the French League last September, when the Brazilian star accused the Spanish defender of racism, but the French League said that there was “not enough convincing evidence” to accuse the defender or support this claim.


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