FilGoal | News | In a strange incident … a player is replaced during a match due to his infection with the Corona virus


The match between Avai and CSA teams in the second division of the Brazilian League witnessed a strange occurrence of replacing a player between the two halves of the match due to his infection with the Corona virus.

Avay’s team learned that the midfielder had a positive touch from Valdivia between the two halves of the match, which caused his substitution.

“We have been informed by the Brazilian Football Association that the Valdivia sample is positive at half-time,” Avay’s team revealed in an official statement.

“Therefore, we decided to replace the player, and we are now reviewing his dismissal and the possibility of his return,” he explained.

The club indicated that the player had undergone a medical swab early on Saturday in order to participate in the Juventud match on Tuesday.

This strange incident is exceptional, as players are informed of the results of their medical swabs prior to the start of matches.


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