FilGoal | News | Mahalla municipality announces: suspension and exclusion of the club president


The Mahalla Municipal Club announced in an official statement the suspension and exclusion of the membership of Mustafa al-Samuli, the club’s board chairman.

This decision comes as a result of his deliberate disruption of work and the conduct of various social and sports activities in the club, in addition to stopping his signature at the banks.

To know the crisis of the Mahalla municipality club (from here)

The statement indicated that the decision was based on the investigations conducted by the competent authorities, and the results of which were approved by the Minister of Youth and Sports, and the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors was assigned to sign the checks as the first signature and the club treasurer as a second signature.

The problem of the municipality of Mahalla is between the club’s president and some members ’refusal to sign checks and player contract fees before the registration period was closed, and Mahmoud al-Shami intervened and solved the problem.

The problem persisted that the team’s players did not receive their contract introductions and their monthly salaries due to the refusal of the club’s president to sign the checks.


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