FilGoal | News | Maicon moves to the fourth division team in Italy


he moved May be Douglas Cesenando, to the Italian fourth division Sona club.

Suna announced the arrival of the Brazilian star to Rome to join the club on Friday, after he announced the deal last December.

The former Brazilian international right-back returned to European stadiums after 4 years spent in his country, Brazil.

Sona is ranked ninth in the fourth division with 14 points after 10 rounds, and he needs to finish the competition in at least fifth place to play the supplement, or in first place for direct climbing.

Maicon (39 years) began his professional career in Cruzeiro, before moving to Monaco, France in 2004, and from there he moved to Inter Milan in 2006, where he made his name, fame and greatest success.

Maicon won several titles with Inter Milan, the most important of which was the historic hat-trick in 2010 under Jose Mourinho.

Later, Maicon played for Manchester City and Rome, before returning to Brazil and switching between the clubs Avai, Recioma, and finally Vila Nova.

Maicon has 76 international matches for his country, Brazil, between 2003 and 2014, during which he scored 7 goals, and contributed to twice being crowned Copa America and the Confederations Cup twice.


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