FilGoal | News | Marmouche: I hope to score more goals with St. Pauli


Egyptian striker Omar Marmouche, German Saint Pauli striker, hopes to score more goals with his new team, after opening his scoring record.

Marmouche scored St. Pauli’s goal in the draw with Holstein KielIn the 15th round of the German second division,

“I am proud to score my first goals with St. Pauli,” Marmouche said in a tweet he wrote on his personal Twitter account.

He added, “I hope to record more.”

For his part, Timo Schultes, the coach of St. Pauli, praised his Egyptian player Omar Marmouche after his debut with the team.

“Omar helped us a lot today, I can’t say much about him,” Schultz said after the meeting.

He added through the official position of St. Pauli: “Marmouche is a very distinguished player and has a wonderful ability to dribble and finish attacks. I wish he rewarded himself by scoring a second goal.”

Daniel Bhopala was also praised St. Pauli defender, his new teammate, Marmouche, also commenting on the dangerous opportunity that the Egyptian striker missed after his goal.

“Today we benefited from the new deals. Marmouche was in addition to us with his advantages. He was good with the ball and fierce in his dribbling, and he scored a wonderful goal,” Bhopala said.

He finished, “But it is a bit annoying that he did not score the second goal.”

Omar Marmouche scored the first goal in the 52nd minute after a pass from Kofi Kerrier, which was met with a wonderful direct shot in the net, scoring the first.

Marmouche almost scored the second in the 57th minute alone, and hit the ball, but the goalkeeper shone and responded in a difficult way.

The guests equalized in the 62nd minute through Joshua Miz.

In the 79th minute, Omar Marmouche left, and midfielder Maximilat Detjin took part in his place for more defense insurance.

The draw raised St. Pauli’s balance to tenth in the 17th and penultimate place, while Holstein Kiel rose to 29 points in second place behind Hamburg.

Marmouche has spent this season on loan at Saint Pauli since the start of the new year, coming from Wolfsburg.

The 21-year-old Al-Masry scored the first goal with his new team’s jersey in his debut.


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