FilGoal | News | Moroccan Sports: Transferring the Raja and Ismaili match to Marrakesh


The match between Raja and Ismaily in the second leg of the Arab Championship semi-final has been moved from Casablanca to Marrakesh, according to the Moroccan Al Riyadiah channel.

This came after the poor ground of Mohammed V Stadium in Casablanca after a lot of rain fell on it, which impeded the movement of the ball in the meeting between Raja and Senegalese Tounjeth two days ago in the second leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League.

An Ismaili source – who requested anonymity – told, “We will protest against the decision as soon as we are officially informed of it.”

He continued, “We will not object to the transfer of the meeting, but inside Casablanca and not far from it.”

He continued, “We rely on the list of the Arab Football Association, which stipulates the need to inform the second party in the match 10 days before the date of the meeting.”

Ismaily will face Moroccan Raja in the second leg of the semi-final of the Arab League next Monday, and the first leg ended with a score of 1-0 for the Darwish.


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