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Saif Al-Din Al-Jaziri scores and celebrates his goal with the Arab Contractors against Al-Ahly

Saif El Din Jaziri, the Tunisian striker of the Arab Contractors Club, is inside the headquarters of Zamalek club.

As he knows Saif Al-Jaziri is currently meeting with the management of the Zamalek club, accompanied by his agent, Mido Hazen, and Sayed Merhi. He contacted the Arab Contractors to find out the fate of the player. Mohamed Adel, the football supervisor at the Mokawloon Club, “You don’t know anything about this.”

“Zamalek did not discuss the matter with us, and I think it is difficult for it to happen,” he said.

Saif El-Din Al-Jaziri participated with the Arab Contractors in 9 matches between the League and the African Confederation. He scored 4 goals and scored 1 goal.

Zamalek will not be entitled to register Saif El-Din Al-Jaziri in his African list in the event of completing the contract with the player, as he has already participated with the Arab Contractors this season in the African Confederation.

Al-Jaziri was playing with the Arab Contracters hours ago against Enppi, and he scored a goal for his team.

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