FilGoal | News | Player of the players: The Moroccan striker was close to Al-Ahly .. and Murtada Arad Ashour, unlike his son


Sayed Merhi, a players agent working to settle deals for Zamalek, said that the latter wanted to sign a contract with Hossam Ashour, the former leader of Al-Ahly.

Mari revealed the details of Ahmed Al-Sheikh’s approach to Zamalek before turning his destination to Pyramids, and he claimed that Ayoub Al-Kaabi, the Morocco striker, was near Al-Ahly.

Mari said on On Time Sports: “Zamalek wanted a player in the middle of the field, that was with the previous board of directors, Mortada Mansour wanted Hussam Ashour, but his son Amir was refusing, after that the player’s problem occurred with Al-Ahly and Al-Ittihad contacted him.” Hussam Ashour was I am worried about the move, as it belongs to my family. “

On the authority of Ahmed El Sheikh, the Pyramids player who almost wore the white shirt, he said: “3 hours separated him from Zamalek. I contacted him and he wanted to move to the team. Then I contacted the football committee in Zamalek and they welcomed the matter, and he actually signed a contract until 2023. The player agreed on some things. After Ashraf Qassem (the general supervisor of the football team) spoke to him about the club’s financial crisis. “

He added, “Counselor Mohamed Attia from the club’s management committee told me the matter will not be done because the player said negative words about Zamalek, and I replied to him that this did not happen, and the sheikh told them that if these words exist, let him out. The player received an Emirati offer by the way. The next day he did a medical examination.” Coach Jaime Pacheco agreed to him, and Tariq Hamid contacted him to welcome him. “

“The Zamalek channel prepared the announcement of the deal, but the advisor, Attia, did not agree, and then the player went to Pyramids. The Sheikh was shocked by what happened because he wanted Zamalek so badly.”

On the authority of Ayoub El Kaabi, the Wydad player, who was reported to have negotiated with Egyptian clubs, Marei said that he was close to Al-Ahly, and explained, “His agent is my friend, I made someone send a video of the player to Mahmoud El-Khatib, the president of Al-Ahly. But the Moroccan coach refused, he wanted him to play in Morocco, other than That would have moved to Al-Ahly. The matter stopped while negotiating the numbers. In the first season, he would have received a million and a half dollars. He is now playing in Wydad with half that number. “

Mari revealed how Mohamed El-Shenawy, the goalkeeper of Egypt and Al-Ahly, suffered at the beginning of his career after his departure from the latter, saying: “I went with him at the time to the Police Union, but a coach in Al-Ahly contacted the officials of the latter and told them that the player had a cut in the cruciate ligament, the deal evaporated and the money was returned I contacted Ismail Youssef and we were going to contract with El Gouna, but on the way the latter announced his assignment to Sherif Ikrami. In the end, El-Shinawi went to the vanguards of the army.

Mari concluded his speech by saying that Mohamed Abdel-Ghani extended his contract with Zamalek, saying: “He did not receive offers and renewed until 2025 in blank.”


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