FilGoal | News | Pyramids in a statement: Wadi Gharib suspended and has “a suspicion that the referee lurks towards the player and his club.”


In a press release, the Pyramids Club denounced the penalty imposed on its striker Mahmoud Wadi by stopping him for 8 matches, in addition to his fine, explaining that there is “a suspicion that the judgment lurks towards the player and his club.”

Pyramids published a statement in which he said all the following:

“We are completely surprised by what the referee wrote in his report after Wadi ‘was sent off, that the player insulted him.”

“By reviewing the video of the shot, the referee, Mahmoud Naji, went to review the shot, made his decision, and famously made the red card in the player’s face.”

“It is strange that Wadi, before the referee showed his red card in the face, went directly outside the stadium without any objection to the referee’s decision, out of respect for the decision and not to waste time, especially since the team was late in the result.”

“We were surprised by the apparent injustice inflicted on our striker in the referee’s report, which caused him to stop 8 matches and a harsh financial penalty of 100,000 pounds, although the player did not intend to hit without a ball and was regular friction besides that he did not speak with the referee after the final decision and went directly without objection, This indicates the suspicion of severe ambush from the referee towards the player and his club. ”

And learned earlier that the Competitions Committee of the Egyptian Football Association had addressed the Pyramids and informed him of stopping Wadi 8 matches and fining him 100 thousand pounds. (See details)

The Military Production meeting against Pyramids witnessed Wadi’s expulsion after an intervention on Moaz Al-Hinnawi, and after reviewing the video referee technique it was found that the game deserves to be expelled, so that the match referee expels the player.

Pyramids won 3-2 against El Entag El Harby in the fifth round of the competition.

Pyramids defender Ahmed Sami got a warning in the match after committing a penalty kick, and that was his third warning, which means he will miss the next match.

Pyramids are preparing to face Al-Ittihad on Tuesday evening, in the second leg of the preliminary round of the Confederation Cup.

Pyramids will be a guest at Al-Ahly Bank on January 8, in the sixth week of the Egyptian Premier League.


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