FilGoal | News | Rabie Yassin files a complaint to the Attorney General against the doctor of the youth team


Rabie Yassin, the former coach of the Egyptian youth team, filed a complaint with the Attorney General against Walid Manzhar, the national team doctor.

Walid Manzoor, a doctor of the Egypt Youth National Team, accused his counterpart, Rabei Yassin, the former coach, of bearing responsibility for the outbreak of the Corona virus in the Tunis camp.

The African Union excluded the youth team from the North African Championship that qualifies for the African U-20 Championship, due to the infection of many players with the Corona virus.

The Egyptian national team was considered withdrawn from the Tunisia and Libya matches, due to the lack of enough players to play the two matches.

Finally, the committee charged with investigating this incident issued its recommendations, which are as follows:

Administrative deficiency

– The existence of an administrative deficiency by listing fewer players in the list traveling to the tournament, then sending new players to the mission.

The union did not move to provide an administration with the team.

Inadequate distribution of rooms and the failure of the head of the mission to travel, which led to an administrative defect and the assignment of a non-specialist to carry out the mission’s administrative work.

– Lack of control over the players and this appeared in videos after the first match, which reflects the state of chaos despite the fact that they were videos indicating the patriotism of the players and their desire to continue the tournament.

Lack of administrative discipline, failure to acknowledge the results of the players ’smear, and the rumor of a conspiracy theory, and it has been confirmed that these rumors are not true.

– The approval of the head of the quinquennial committee for the mission to travel early.

Medical deficiencies

– Failure to follow up on the contact cases of the two injured team before traveling.

Failure to conduct a swab in the training camp before the swab approved by the championship committee.

A deficiency in the distribution of personal protection equipment (masks and disinfectants).

Non-compliance by players with the precautionary measures during player meetings.

Not to isolate the injured and their contacts.

The report identified those responsible for the deficiencies as follows:

Responsibility of the General Supervisor and Head of Mission for what happened.

– The coach’s responsibility to travel early and not to be firm with the players.

– Bypassing the technical director of the federation officials and his contact with the officials in the country to pass the team’s travel early.

The responsibility of the administrative apparatus for not conducting the December 6 smear.

Responsibility of the team physician for medical deficiencies and precautionary measures.


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