FilGoal | News | Radio Catalonia: Messi decided to go to court after his contract with Barcelona was leaked


The aftermath of leaking contract for Barcelona player Lionel Messi from “El Mundo” newspaper are still continuing.

The Spanish newspaper, which differs from the newspaper “Mundo Deportivo”, published a contract claiming to be Messi’s contract with Barcelona, ​​and as a result revealed that the Argentine legend had obtained an estimated 555 million euros from the Catalan club since the 2017-2018 season.

According to Radio Catalonia, Messi decided to resort to court and filed a legal case against the Spanish newspaper.

Messi’s move to resort to the courts comes hours after Barcelonas statement in which the Catalan club denounced what was published by the Spanish newspaper, stressing that the club had taken legal action against the newspaper.

The details published by “El Mundo” stated that Messi got 92% of his total contract, which means that he got only 511 million euros so far.

The contract also stipulated that Messi would receive a reward of 14 million euros for winning the Champions League, and bonuses ranging between 9 million and 400 thousand or 4 million and 731 thousand for winning the Spanish League.

In addition to receiving 66 million as a loyalty bonus upon renewing his contract with Barcelona.

The 33-year-old’s contract with Barcelona expires at the end of the current season and the two parties have not yet reached a renewal.

Numerous press reports indicated that Paris Saint-Germain wanted to obtain the services of Lionel Messi.

The British “Times” newspaper had published an earlier report stating that Manchester City had offered Messi to join his ranks for a 10-year contract during which he would play for the English club in the first years, to move to one of the “City Group” clubs or become the group’s ambassador. (See the details)

Messi played 754 games with Barcelona, ​​during which he scored 649 goals and scored 284 goals.

With Barcelona, ​​Messi won the Spanish League 10 times and the Champions League 4 times.

Messi won the Golden Ball award for the best player in the world 6 times.

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