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Claude Boyle, the French coach of Saint-Etienne, spoke about the difficulties his club faces in resolving a deal involving Mostafa Mohamed, the Zamalek striker.

Saint-Etienne adheres to the inclusion of Mostafa Mohamed, the Zamalek striker, while the recent comments of the young international striker were satisfied with the French club officials.

“The more we talk about the deal, the fewer the chances are for it to be completed,” Boyle said at the press conference after facing Paris Saint-Germain in the league. “I have no opinion to give about Mustafa Mohamed.”

“We know the difficulties that we face to settle the deal, and we will see what can be achieved. The most important thing is my current group of players,” he added.

On Wednesday evening, the player spoke on “Al-Nahar” channel for the first time about the new Saint-Etienne show, and indicated that his club, Zamalek, had promised him professionalism.

Thursday morning, a source from the Contracting Department in Saint-Etienne told “Mustafa Mohamed’s statements in the media about his adherence to our offer are good for us.”

“What the player said is a positive thing for us and our offer,” he added.

Regarding Zamalek’s position, he stated, “We have not received any response from Zamalek for our offer yet.”

He added, “But at the same time, Zamalek did not inform us of his rejection of the offer, and therefore, to be clear, silence prevails on the part of Zamalek.”

He concluded, “I read the statement of the sports director in Zamalek, in which he declares his desire to postpone the sale of Mustafa Mohamed until after the Tokyo Olympics, but there is nothing new on our part as long as Zamalek does not speak to us.”

Mustafa Mohamed returned to Zamalek after two loan periods at the beginning of last season.

Zamalek had revealed the arrival of a professional show from French club Saint-Etienne to Mostafa Mohamed this winter.

Zamalek also announced the rejection of all professional offers that have reached its players during the current period in an official statement.

Mustafa Muhammad said: “I tell the fans of Zamalek that I am 24 years old now, and the opportunity may not come again to professionalize. They say after the Olympiad? The Olympiad basically may be postponed, or I may not be successful with it.”

He continued, “I ask the management of Zamalek for clarity. They asked for a certain amount for my professional and already brought it. Either they agree to it and allow me to work, or they tell me that the file is closed and my departure is rejected, and I must continue with the team.”(See full statements)

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