FilGoal | News | Saleh Jumaa in the Joule: I have not and will not file a complaint against Al-Ahly .. There is patience with regard to the arrears


Saleh Jumaa, a player for Ceramica Cleopatra, denied reports of filing a complaint against Al-Ahly club in the Egyptian Football Association due to late financial dues.

News had spread that Saleh Jumaa had filed a complaint against Al-Ahly in order to obtain his overdue financial dues.

Saleh Jumaa told “I did not file a complaint against Al-Ahly club because of the late financial dues.”

“It is impossible to complain to Al-Ahly,” he added. “It did not and will not happen to me.”

He continued, “Yes, there are late dues, but there is patience and communication between Abdul Rahman Magdy, Kelly, Sayed Abdel Hafeez and Amir Tawfiq from Al-Ahly to settle the matter.”

He concluded his remarks, “I have financial rights and I am waiting for them from the Al-Ahly Club, which taught us to abide by the rights, but without submitting a complaint.”


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