FilGoal | News | Sheikh: The image of the “spray”? A crisis created by a person .. Whoever does not accept criticism in the ball will not be a star


Ahmed Al-Sheikh, the Pyramids player, said that the picture that spread to him brushing his hair on the bench was a crisis injustice in it because it was just an advertisement filmed with the approval of the Al-Ahly club and commissioned by him, and he also stressed that whoever does not accept criticism in football does not help to be a star.

The sheikh said on Al-Nahar channel, saying: “Regarding Ahmed Al-Sheikh and the Egyptian team? I am not completely wronged, when I appeared well with the clearing, I joined, yes he was tired, because if I had only half with Al-Ahly and Zamalek, you would have joined the team directly.”

And he continued, “the match in Al-Ahly and Zamalek with 10 matches outside them. I got very tired to join the national team. I was the top scorer in the league and the most player who contributed to the goals and achieved good numbers that qualify me to join the national team.”

Al-Sheikh played one match for the Egyptian national team in a friendly against Togo during the month of March 2017, and the team won it 3-0, and the player scored one of the three goals.

And the sheikh continued: “I have a conviction that people will not agree to love someone. All people have a point of view. What saddens me only is that I have no problem talking to me like Ahmed Sheikh in football, whether as a default or a level. I accept everything, who does not accept criticism in a ball.” The foot does not help to be a star, because every star has a tax, and that is the tax. ”

And he added, “You play for my family and there are 50-60 million fans, and of course there is a group that does not like you for your person or football, this is a matter for them, but what saddens me is the interference in privacy, or talking about your appearance, appearance, privacy, your home or your family.”

And he continued, “Whoever speaks will not accept half a word from what we hear and are exposed to, that famous announcement that caused the crisis, it was at a time when there were no matches and with the approval of the club and through it with a respectable company.”

And he went on, “Any player in the world does that. I play in Al-Ahly and not a small club. There are sponsors and advertisements are imposed. Some people do not like Ahmed and therefore exploit anything against him.”

He added, “The advertisement was filmed in the stadium. Even if an advertisement about hair is not going to the hairdresser for the advertisement, it must be done in the stadium. I am a football player. The idea of ​​the implementers is that they wanted to portray a player in his work and his work on the field.”

He added, “There are pictures leaked before the announcement, of the hairdresser who was present, a normal hair advertisement every 5 minutes and I run or do anything in the advertisement. The company itself makes sure that the hair is 100% good, so you are definitely being photographed in the scenes and others.”

He continued, “These pictures were leaked to social media, a journalist disagreed with me and did so, God forgive him, especially since he is affiliated with Al-Ahly.”

He continued, “I always avoid people like these, who prefer their interests. I use pictures to arouse the masses against me. I choose the right time, publish pictures and write a lot of words that I cannot say.”

He explained, “The fans will not like a player more than the club, of course the controversy erupted and I did not respond because, as I said, because you dealt with God in front of you and then your work, and God is the one who will bring you your right, there are those who returned their time and defended me.”

“All the players did that, why did I specifically do that against me? I am a player and I do something for the club that I encourage and my success from the club’s success, the topic passed and then when the advertisement was published and everyone understood, there are those who apologized and others, and the same person who wrote these words apologized.”

A picture of Ahmed Al-Sheikh, the Al-Ahly player at the time, in the 2019-2020 season, spread on social media while he was on the bench and styling his hair, but it was part of an advertising campaign for a hair product during the stoppage of matches.


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