FilGoal | News | The Football Association reached an agreement with “Media Pro” to give it a three-month period to solve the problems of VAR technology


The Egyptian Football Association announced in a statement that it has reached an agreement with the senior management of the “Media Pro” company, which provides video referee technology (VAR) to the Egyptian League, to give it a 3-month period to fulfill the requirements of the federation, after the two parties met today, Thursday.

The text of the statement said that the Football Association decided to grant the company three months to fulfill the requirements of the Egyptian Federation in the technique of video assistant referee and improve the service in force until all requirements are completed in accordance with the conditions and specifications set by the Egyptian Federation during the tender held in this regard.

After hearing the problems of the application, the company decided to appoint a delegate on its part to communicate directly between the company in Spain and the Egyptian Federation, while the Egyptian Football Association assigned Ahmed Hossam Awad, a member of the committee, to deal with the company’s management.

During the meeting, the international company was keen to apologize for any shortcomings during the past period and pledged to reach the application of technology in Egypt to the best level that the Egyptian fan would be satisfied with.

On Thursday, the Egyptian Federation received a delegation from the Spanish company, which came specially to discuss the problems of technology application, and to discuss technical, procedural and contractual problems, amid the two sides’ keenness to solve the outstanding problems.

The meeting was held in the presence of Ahmed Mujahid, head of the committee in charge of managing the Football Association and its two members, Ahmed Hossam Awad and Mohamed Shawarby, in addition to the presence of Issam Abdel Fattah, a member of the African Arbitration Committee.


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