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Submit to you A direct follow-up to the match between Egypt and Denmark in the quarter-finals of the World Hand Cup, Egypt 2021.

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Denmark to the semi-finals.

Denmark scores the fifth throw.

– Ali Zain misses the fifth throw for Egypt.

The pilot blocks the fourth throw from Denmark.

– Yahya, the shield scores the fourth throw for Egypt.

Henrik Longard scores the fourth throw for Denmark.

– Yahya Khaled scores the third throw for Egypt.

– Landen scores second for Denmark

– Muhammad Sanad scores the second

– Emil Jakobsen scores first for Denmark.

Ahmed Al-Ahmar wastes the first throw.

To penal throws.

S. 80 draw to Denmark in the last second of a penalty throw, Ibrahim Al-Masry was sent off 35-35

The beginning of the fourth extra half

The end of the third extra half.

S. 72 The shield is recorded for Egypt. 35-34 for Egypt.

S. 71 Hindawi tackles.

The start of the third overtime

S. 70 God .. Equity in the last second. New extra time

S. 68 Yahya Khaled scores for Egypt. 33-32 for Denmark.

S. 66 deed records. 32-31 for Denmark

S. 65 Yahya Khaled 30-31 for Denmark

The start of the second extra time

S. 65 Hindawi saves in the last second. 29-31 for Denmark.

S. 63 Denmark goalkeeper tackles from the red again.

S. 62 Yahya Al-Daraa records for Egypt. 29-30 for Denmark.

S. 61 A two-minute suspension for the Denmark player and a penalty thrown by the red.

S. 61 goals for Denmark. 28-29 for Denmark.

The start of overtime

End of the game in a draw … until extra time

S. 59 Yahya Khaled scores for Egypt and a draw for Denmark quickly. 28-28

S. 57 Yahya Khaldeh scores. 27-27

S. 55 tie by Yahya Al-Dara. 26-26

S. 55 Equalization by bond. 25-25

S. 52 Yahya Khaled scores. 25-24 for Denmark.

S. 50 Danish goals. 25-23 for Denmark.

S. 48 to apply to Denmark. 24-23 for Denmark.

S. 47 and a draw for Denmark. 23-23

S. 47 Goole to Egypt by Ahmed Moamen Safa. 23-22 for Egypt.

A two-minute stop for Dudu and a draw for Denmark by Hansen. 22-22

S. 45 amazing goals for Egypt, from Sanad to Ali Zain in the Air game, score a goal for Egypt.

S. 44 Hansen scores the equalizer from a penalty throw.

S. 43 Ahmed Al-Ahmar scores from a penalty throw and two-minute suspension for the Denmark player. 21-20 for Egypt.

S. 43 penalty throws for Egypt.

BC 43 Hindawy countered.

S. 42 Ali Zain scores a tie. 20-20

S. 41 Hansen scores. 20-19 for Denmark.

S. 39 Yahya Khaled scores. 19-18 for Egypt.

S. 39 suspension of two minutes for Muhammad Sanad … and a draw for Denmark. 18-18

S. 38 Yahya Khaalid scores in the empty goal, 18-17 for Egypt.

S. 34 Red scores a tie. 17-17

S. 33 Ali Zain scores and the difference shrinks. 16-17 for Denmark.

S. 31 goals for Denmark and Yahya Khaled responds quickly. 15-17 for Denmark.

S. 30 first goal for Egypt by Yahya Al-Deraa. 16-14 for Denmark

beginning of the second half

The end of the first half

Danish goal at the end of the first half. 16-13 for Denmark.

S. 29 Yahya Khaled passes brilliantly and scores a goal for Egypt. 13-15 for Denmark

S. 29 time off to Egypt.

S. 27 stopping two minutes for Ibrahim Al-Masry.

S. 26 Holm scored a goal for Denmark. 12-14 for Denmark.

S. 25 Dodo passes brilliantly and scores a goal for Egypt. 12-13 for Denmark.

S. 25 Yahya Khaled hits the post and Denmark returns with a goal in the empty goal.

S. 24 Hansen scores from a penalty shoot-out. 11-12 for Denmark.

S. 23 Bakkar wastes a two-minute stop for Ali Zain from Egypt.

S. 22 Ali Zayn scores beautifully, and a quick draw from Denmark.

Draw fast. 10-10

S. 21 Mamdouh Hashem to register for Egypt. 9-10

S. 19 Fighter Shields.

S. 19 time-out for Denmark.

S. 18 Ali Zain scores a tie. 9-9

S. 17 First Progress to Denmark. 9-8 for Denmark.

S. 16 foul 4 paces on the shield and Denmark score a draw. 8-8

S. 15 Yahya Khaled scores Egypt and Denmark responds quickly. 7-8 for Egypt

S. 14 penalties for Denmark scored by Hansen. 7-6 for Egypt.

S. 13 the shield scores. 7-5 for Egypt.

S. 12 Janssen scores from the circuit. 6-5 for Egypt.

S. 11 Dodo responds with an Egyptian goal. 6-4 for Egypt.

S. 11 The Great Flyer deflects ingenuity.

S. 10 dodo scores. 5-4 for Egypt.

S. 9 first tie in the meeting.

S. 8 The shield hits outside the goal and Hansen replies with a goal. 4-3 for Egypt.

S. 7 Shield scores. 1-4 for Egypt.

S. 6 First goal for Denmark through Hansen

S. 6 Yahya the shield scores the third. 3-0 to Egypt.

S. 6 A two-minute suspension for the Denmark player.

S. 5 Ahmed Al-Ahmar scores the second from a penalty throw

S. 4 Mohamed Mamdouh Hashem takes a penalty throw

S. 3 The pilot takes off again, Michael Hansen.

S. 2 Dodo scores the first goal in the match.

S. 1 Issam Al-Tayyar tackles the first balls of the match.

The start of the game

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